Job Title:

Behaviour Support Lead

Local Job Title:

Grateley House School: Behaviour Support Lead

Reports to:

Principal / DSL


Purpose and summary of job:

The role is about supporting the team at the school to maintain a stable, happy and caring environment that puts the health, safety and welfare of our young people first. To provide appropriate physical and emotional support to young people in residence, working collaboratively with Care, Education and Therapy teams. The emphasis is upon supporting and enabling effective behaviour management of young people at the school, which involves motivating, coaching and supporting staff to follow the positive behaviour model at the school.

The role is critical in ensuring the Quality Care standards are exceeded. It also provides the opportunity to develop and improve practice.

Important qualities of this role include an understanding of what 'good care and behaviour support' looks like, being an excellent role model, conducting yourself in a professional manner and being able to relate to staff In a supportive and motivational manner. It is Important that you adhere to all policies and procedures.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

              Management of other staff

1 .    To ensure that all staff are putting policy into practice and are either performing to expected standards or that you are/have been actively addressing the issues effectively.

To ensure that communication between senior management, other sources and staff, in all directions, is as effective as possible. This will involve actively using a range of strategies. It is expected that you will always communicate in a professional manner, using the required level of confidentiality.
To have primary responsibility for training other staff – MAPA and Incredible Years


Co-ordinating the writing of and updating Risk Management Plans
To have oversight and lead on the critical analysis of AFL incident reports and ensuring that these are completed in line with statutory and school expectations.
To ensure that all staff adequately reflect on their own practice after incidents and take every opportunity to turn these events into positive learning.
To ensure that all staff adequately and appropriately capture all incidents and record these as directed by policy and procedure.
To lead on the generation of monthly incident reporting that captures trends and is solution focused on reducing incidents of challenging behaviour and particularly where physical interventions have been deployed, reporting as directed by senior staff.
To attend work reliably and punctually and to follow a work pattern as agreed contractually
To attend all training as required and be prepared to achieve qualifications appropriate to the role at any particular time as specified by the Group. To contribute to training delivery to colleagues/new staff as directed.
To do everything possible to protect our young people from any form of abuse from staff, visitors or each other and ensure that staff follow the Group policy/procedure.
To promote equality, acknowledging individual differences and upholding the rights and responsibilities of our young people and staff to challenge any discriminatory practice.
To build and maintain a professional positive manner with the young people and staff at the establishment and any other company personnel you come into contact with.
When involved in direct care work, ensuring that your input meets the standard required by legislation and as set out in policies and procedures.
To take primary responsibility for specific areas of service development or specific projects.
To ensure correct procedures are followed by all staff to support young people.
Alongside other staff, identify the social and emotional needs of the young people and ensure that staff act in a way that promotes positive self-esteem and helps the young people to deal appropriately with their feelings. This includes proactively supporting students when they are in distress.
To have knowledge of and oversee the young people, using the knowledge to contribute to assessments and care planning. This will include auditing records, provision of information to other staff, liaising with students' families, representing students' preferences and wishes, where appropriate and contributing to case reviews.
To be fully aware of young people's behaviour and performance, to record observations accurately and use this information to inform team practice, formal assessments, care plans and case reviews.
To develop and maintain your knowledge at a national level, keeping abre


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