Salary: NIGHT CHEF POSITION Sun to Thursday Nights 10pm till 4.30am

Shift hours: Full Time

To ensure the smooth & efficient operation of the catering production & service in line with Sodexo & Clients specifications. All practices must be in accordance to all company policies & procedures. 

General Kitchen Duties

  • Ensure the smooth & efficient running of the catering operation on the night shift
  • Collect all pre orders
  • Distribute daily menus
  • Prepaire Menu items for the following shift
  • Serve Customers and oprate till
  • Cleaning of kitchen and servery

Staff Management

  • Promote & maintain good working relationships with customers

Food Purchasing & Cost Control

  • Meet required company food GP% target (As detailed in unit budget information)
  • Control & recording of wastage levels, using necessary monitoring documentation

Quality Control

  • Continually monitor food production & food service quality to ensure all items displayed are to the required standard
  • Serve & facilitate the serving customers in a professional & appropriate manner to the required standards (Standards are detailed within initial & ongoing training)
  • Action customer complaints in a professional & positive manner
  • Action customer requests where possible


Menu Planning & Food Production

  • Facilitate production of all foods in readiness for daily service at necessary times
  • Produce all daily foods in accordance to anticipated levels of business expected
  • Produce food to the required quality specification
  • Compliant use of Sodexo planning & production tools


Health & Safety & Food Safety

  • Completion & collation of all temperature control documents (including pantry)
  • Completion & collation of all cleaning rota documents (including pantry)
  • Constantly review supplier products & delivery practices & report/act upon deviations to the required specifications
  • Ensure food stock is stored in compliance with company guidelines
  • Adhere to all company health & safety and food safety requirements (Detailed within initial & ongoing training)


  • Motivate the on site team in achieving the required level of food production & service
  • Lead by example, setting standards in all areas of the catering operation
  • Demonstrate innovation & a willingness to succeed
  • Communicate with the on site Management team on all matters relating to the catering operation

Training & Development

  • Actively assist in subordinate PDR’s & subsequent training requirements
  • Participate in all required site based training in accordance with your specific role & as part of your agreed development

Food Development

  • Design food offer based around on site customer requirements whilst focussing on cost constraints
  • Develop the hot food menu around the requirements of the company brand ‘Be…’
  • Use imagination & innovation to design the on site food offer, fully utilising the tools & support available
  • Regularly review the food offer & amend/adapt accordingly
  • Work closely with the Management Team to develop the food offer
  • Action customer requests where possible


  • Adhere to all uniform & standards of dress policies / requirements (Detailed within initial & ongoing training)
  • Adhere to all site based marketing & merchandising requirements (Detailed in initial & ongoing training)
  • Attend team meetings when & where practical (adequate notice will be provided fom line management for such meetings)
  • Work on out of hours events where practical (adequate notice will be provided fom line management for such events)
  • Ensure a good, sensible client relationship

Reference: SDX/TP/389/77206

Location: Manchester Trafford Park, England